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For almost 10 years we have offered collections of personalised jewelry. May they be in gold, silver or gold plated, our jewels sends a message. Designed personalised bracelets for you and your loved ones conveys profound feelings. We continuously offer new models so you can find the perfect gift for the man or woman of your life, your friends or your family. If you are looking for personalized jewelry you came to the right place! Our offer is wide and adapted to various types of people. We can help you make your choice through our client service

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A wide range of personnalised jewelry

We offer engraved jewelry for him and for her. Send a message of love with our personalised jewel. You can thus easily show you care through fashionable bracelets or pendants. Our range of jewelry is wide and adapted to every message or relationship. Many types of personalised jewellery are available: bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings and many more.The process is simple; you choose one model amongst our numerous models of jewellery. You then decide the message you want to convey, may it be words, a date, names or whatever you want to share. We finally engrave your personalised message onto the jewel in our Lyon workshop and you receive it under three to five days, in a charming pocket signed Petits Trésors. You can choose a supplementary gift box thus offering a more luxurious presentation.

Personalised silver jewellery to show you care

We offer a wide range of personalized jewelry and a large price range. You can choose between gold, gold plated, silver or steel. Our personalized jewelry is a great way to send a message to your loved ones. Feminine personalised jewellery will enable you to please your friend, family or lover. We also offer a wide range for children, adapted to their little wrists and their need for funnier jewellery. Furthermore, our jewelry for men is a perfect gift for your friend, husband, son or father. Our jewellery can be offered as a gift on several occasions, may it be celebrations like a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, a congratulation or just to show love.

Engraved jewellery “Made in France”

In order to guarantee the uniqueness of our costume jewellery, each jewel is conceived, assembled and engraved in our Lyon workshop by experienced jewellers. Our engraved jewelry is thus made in France and its quality is highly controlled. It also allows us to have a great flexibility and short delivery time. Hence our quickly delivered, high-quality pieces. Ordering at Petits Trésors is a guarantee of a 100% made-in-France quality, well-mounted jewel. Our client service is available to help you find your perfect present and answer all your questions. Do not wait and start ordering your jewel online right now!